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At every step in our daily life, we encounter water. Water is the foundation of life on earth. We drink water, prepare dishes, use it for cleaning. Water makes our environment more pleasant, whether in nature, urban streets or in buildings. Water is an important part of the vast majority of production processes.

But you do not always know if the water you have at the moment is suitable for the purpose you just want or need to use. Just as you do not drink any water you encounter, or for a variety of production and service activities, water from any water source may not be used and needs to be modified in a special way.

DETO Brno company provide a  wide scale of water treatment equipments for many types of aplications.

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Experts from Deto Brno company are able to help you in a variety of water treatment areas, both for    households, and for   industrial applications such as food,  chemical, energy, construction or gastronomy. We do not forget event   small and medium-sized business such as hotels, pensions, restaurants, laundries, laboratories, sports facilities, swimming pools, wellness centres, workshops and many others.....

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